Car Insurance Claim

There are unexpected events. Once you have a traffic accident in Australia, be sure to keep the scene of the accident and report it to the vehicle insurance company immediately. If the loss of a third party is a road facility or a third party loss is a vehicle, please consider whether it is necessary to report to the traffic police department as appropriate;

Usually, you need to get information about each other, including: name, Driver License, phone number and the insurance company’s contact information. You will also need to contact your insurance company and tell you what happened before you can get the claim number. At the same time, according to the requirements of different insurance companies, you may need to provide:

License plate number, personal certification information, time of occurrence of the accident, location, or related collision accidents, and information of the responsible party;

iCar is your trusted non-responsible insurance claim in Melbourne, and we can perform insurance claims for vehicle collisions for you. We provide vehicle transfers and send your car to our repair shop.

iCar Automotive provide:

Customers can come to our depot for routine maintenance, complex mechanical repairs and optional modifications. We can quickly identify the problem with the vehicle and judge all the items the vehicle needs based on the problem and do our best to fix your car for you at the fastest time and at the lowest cost. If there are special circumstances, we will work with you to develop a timeline and cost plan. In the car repaired and maintained by iCar, we promise to use only genuine OEM parts and guarantee that our work will satisfy you.

  • BMW accident car Not at Fault Insurance claim
  • Porsche accident car Not at Fault Insurance claim
  • Audi accident car Not at Fault Insurance claim
  • Mercedes accident car Not at Fault Insurance claim
  • Ferrari accident car Not at Fault Insurance claim
  • Not at Fault Car Insurance Claim
  • Replacement car
  • Providing unrequited prosecution support to non-responsible parties (after a car accident, the responsible party replies without any reason, does not recognize, we provide free prosecution services) until the other party’s responsible party insurance payment is completed.
  • Provide free equivalent level replacement car for non-responsible parties (BMW-BMW; Benz-Benz).
  • Provide zero waiting time for non-responsible parties, which means that your car does not have to wait for the insurance company to reply, we can pay the maintenance for the non-responsible parties and expected to be paid later, and start repairing immediately;
  • Original parts using guarantee and lifetime warranty for repair parts.
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