Trained Technicians

At iCar Automotive, we have a team of experienced and well trained technicians, who strive hard to provide the best services and make your fleet run successfully on the Melbourne roads. The services we provide include:

  • Lubricate all parts requiring grease, including 5th wheel if applicable.
  • Inspect air filter, radiator, hoses, fan belts, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid, battery fluid, transmission fluid, drive shaft and U-joints, exhaust system, rear accessible brake linings, oil level in wheel oilers, mirrors and glass, steering wheel, oil/fuel/water leaks, dash instruments, exterior appearance, exterior lights, and vehicle state registration.
  • Change oil and oil filters on gasoline engines, as well as fuel filters on diesel engines.
  • Check horn operation, clutch-free travel operation, and fluids.
  • Perform Diesel engine water treatment

Key Benefits with our Services

  • Our maintenance team will contact you and remind you about the servicing of your car.
  • We provide ongoing support while the servicing is going on.
  • We make sure to keep your vehicle on the road as soon as possible and minimize the disruption.
  • Our team of service technicians is highly experienced and leaves you with a peace of mind, ensuring that your car is in safe hands. We also make sure to follow the instructions specified in the car manufacturer’s manual.
  • We also stock all the major brand tyres at our shop.
  • All the spare parts and accessories available in our shop are the best in quality and affordable in price.
  • We keep in regular touch with the fleet managers and give them regular updates about the car servicing through emails and mobile SMS.
  • We are famous for our mobile servicing facility. Using this we will come to you and service your vehicles.
  • We ensure the best possible care and high quality and fast service at affordable prices and extensive warranties.
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